Our Team

Your Glamis Veterans Team Members

Brian served in the USMC from 92-98 and has been married to Christina since '95. They have two boys, Eric and Evan and have enjoyed Glamis as a family since first discovering it in 2003, starting the first Veterans Day Gathering later in 2004. Brian also volunteered with the American Sand Association, eventually serving on the Board of Directors, fighting to maintain access to our dunes.

Christina Crain - Field Marshal Sandy Cheeks

The REAL boss.  😉

Wes Holcomb - General SandTrap

Most dependable human on the face of the earth!

Stephanie Lord Cataloni - Lieutenant General Scataloni

This chick can ride!

Ken Taylor - Major General YFZ4KT

Needs a new razor...

Joe Schartung - Brigadier General Orange_R

Wants a new boat...

Brian Saxton - Colonel Dwarfcar63

What can be said about Brian?

Eric Crain - Officer Cadet

"My dad is the best dad Ever!!!"

Evan Crain - Officer Cadet

"No way, my dad is..."

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