2006 Veterans Day Gathering

This year more than doubled in size once again. This was the first year of presenting Challenge Coins to the veterans in attendance. Esco coordinated with a donor for spray paint and cardboard templates were cut out, all of the kids in attendance helped in covering up the graffiti on the flag pole box with a camouflage pattern and the Chuck Boardman memorial plaque was still the only memorial attached to the box. Red poppies from the VFW were handed out and In Flanders Fields was read during the ceremony.

The festivities back at camp were kicked up a notch and as that Friday was the 10th of November, the United States Marine Corps birthday; We read the Commandants message, heard about the history of the USMC NCO sword, some customs and traditions, and had a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday. Mark Brown and Josh Hanson were the oldest and youngest Marines present.